Sokoban Player: play any level you want

I would like to present you my side project I’ve been working on for the past few months. I called it Sokoban Player because the idea is that you can play any level you want. You just need to insert it in the Sokoban Level Format.

Other features include:

  • build and manage your own playlist,
  • no login or account required, your levels and scores are stored only in your browser, on your own device,
  • works perfectly offline and on mobile devices,
  • you can easily share any level,
  • levels shared with you are automatically added to your playlist.

Check it out here: Sokoban Player

I would like to recommend you a few nice and easy levels to play as a starter:

  • level by Alberto García, from the pack “Alberto García 1-3” - play it now
  • level by Péter Asztalos, from the pack “A.K.K. Informatika” - play it now

And one a little bit more challenging:

  • level by Thomas Reinke, from the pack “81” - play it now

I’m looking forward to your feedback! You can find me on Twitter.

sokoban player