Does your business suffer because of software issues?

Software related problems:

  • hard to maintain code base
  • never-ending bugs and constant firefighting
  • slow progress with new features
  • features never delivered on time

Do your people bring value to your company, even if you are not in the office?

People related problems:

  • low motivation
  • high employee churn rate
  • lack of self-development
  • hiring wrong people

Do you know what you really want to build and how to bring value to your users?

Management related problems:

  • too big expectations
  • lack of understanding of software development processes
  • lack of trust in your people
  • time and money wasted on unnecessary projects

Contribute and evaluate

1.I join your team as an engineer for 1 to 6 months. But my role is more like a secret agent.

2.I contribute to your projects as a regular employee. That allows me to evaluate your software development and project management practices from the insider position.

3.I work with your people arm to arm. That allows me to evaluate their technical and soft skills and see how does a team function as a whole.

Improve and train

4.I give you regular feedback on my findings. Together, we improve things on the go or prepare a plan to handle your issues in the future.

5.I train your people to handle your problems without me. Motivated and empowered team is the key to your success.

6.I leave you with a stronger team, defined processes and software in a better shape.

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My name is Kris Urbas and I help companies build their internet products. I offer help in many different areas of software and product development, management, leadership and team building. With 9 years of professional experience, I have worked with more than 10 companies and startups of different sizes. Can I help you? Write me what are you struggling with!